Regularly all have a situation where you ordered goods in the online store, and you were promised express delivery the same day. But here, you wait for the courier, which is an hour in a row, but it's all there and not. Call him, and he does not even take the phone. You already think that it would be simpler to order a self-delivery!

Courier service MiniKlasterAdd, was created precisely for the fact that you would no longer have such unpleasant situations if you need express courier delivery day in and day out. For 90 minutes, or to the exact time, the couriers of the service will deliver the goods to the address and on time. Also, you can monitor the progress of your order online. And do not worry about the safety of your parcel, the courier bears personal financial responsibility for it.

Do you need to transfer documents urgently? To give the girl flowers? To take the tools to a friend? Or are you just busy, and do not want to go through the whole city and spend time on different things? Then you need courier delivery from MiniKlasterAdd. Easily call a courier who quickly, reliably and in a matter of time will take your cargo around the city.

What will you receive?

    Financially responsible courier
    Delivery within 90 minutes or to the time you specified
    Possibility to track the location of the courier with your parcel on the city map
    Convenient payment for the courier service - in cash or by bank card
    Convenience of calling a courier on the site, through the application or by calling the call center

Courier delivery for business

Do you have an online store? A restaurant? Do you sell flowers? A small confectioner's? Do you need to transfer documents urgently? And you need couriers, but you do not want to keep them in your state?
Then you will benefit from the MiniKlasterAdd platform. Use express courier delivery and pay only when you need it.
MiniKlasterAdd is your fast and reliable courier.

What do you get?

    Urgent delivery for 90 minutes (or at the time when you want)
    Return shipping. (Documents, cash on delivery, cash on the MiniKlasterAdd account - now the courier does not need to return to you with the money that he took for the goods, and you do not have to pay for the return shipping, the money will instantly fall on your MiniKlasterAdd balance as soon as the courier delivers and will take money from your client, at any time you can withdraw money to your bank card).
    Redemption of cargo by courier. The courier can redeem the goods specified by you in cost no more than 100000 rubles. To do this, you need to replenish your balance by the amount of equal redemption. This amount will be blocked on your account for the time of delivery. This is done so that you do not abandon the goods purchased by the courier.
    Financial guarantees, material liability (the courier in the account blocks the estimated value of the cargo at the time of delivery)
    A convenient application, through which you can easily make orders and pay for them. (To create an order for urgent courier delivery, you can call a courier on our website or in the iPOST application
    In real time to observe on the Google map how the courier moves with your cargo
    You can calculate for delivery by courier in three ways: cash sender, cash recipient, from the iPOST account (the MiniKlasterAdd account is replenished with a bank card)
    The cost of the delivery service depends on several factors: the length of the route that the courier passed, the estimated value of the cargo, weight, time of day (at night more expensive), return shipping options, delivery on a weekend and a holiday. To quickly navigate the cost of delivery, you can create a shipping order by filling in all the required fields, and not confirming it to see the price immediately.
    About 100 couriers in St. Petersburg (the number of couriers is growing every day), at any time ready to take your order. (In the near future we will launch a service in all major cities of Russia). If within 15 minutes no one took your order, call back to our call center, call the delivery number and we will pick up the courier nearest to you shortly.
With the MiniKlasterAdd platform, your deliveries are 100% fast and quality.
You no longer have to worry about timely deliveries, MiniKlasterAdd will take care of this, and you can concentrate more on your business.

Company MiniKlasterAdd - we are 5 years old!

we carry out courier delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg

we deliver by metro stations

we deliver to the door to anywhere in the city

express processing of orders

work with non-standard conditions of delivery

collection of funds



Picking up tonight, we deliver tomorrow night


Pick up in the morning, deliver in the evening


Delivery within 5 hours


Express, carried out within 90 minutes
Our managers will contact you within 15 minutes


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